How CX Becomes A Competitive Advantage

Envoy helps tomorrow's industry leaders harness technology disruption today with tip-of-the-spear strategy, roadmap, and implementation services.



To help organizations deliver meaningful experiences for their most valuable audiences.

The Values That Drive Us

Perseverance. We’re driven.

We mean it when we say, we don't rest until our clients are satisfied. We aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves, dig deep, and do what it takes to get the job done. Every time, for every client.

Integrity. We act with integrity.

If you aren’t honest and transparent, it’s hard to build real relationships. And we’re nothing if not trusted advisors for our clients. We aren't afraid to deliver bad news if a piece of technology is not the right fit for our clients. It’s hard to hear, but we won’t lie for the sake of a buck.

Creativity. We’re creative problem solvers.

One size fits all? Not on our watch. We begin every project by listening to our clients to better understand both their challenges and goals. We craft custom solutions to address custom needs - from implementation and change management to training and ongoing maintenance.

Teamwork. We believe being a team means caring.

We don’t want to sound too touchy-feely, but we care about each other and our clients. We are supportive, appreciative, and helpful - and proud of it.


Laura Ragsdale

Envoy Founder

Laura Ragsdale

Lisa Sofaer

Director of Sales

Lisa Sofaer

Katie Miles

Director, Onboarding & Delivery

Katie Miles

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