A Global Community Platform Creates Closer Ties to Its Customers

December 13, 2018

The Challenge

76% of customers prefer self-service help centers over other customer support channels. Not only can a great self-service experience boost satisfaction, but it can also reduce support costs, provide insight into customer issues and enable agents to spend time on the highest priority issues.

Given the benefits, it’s no surprise that a global networking organization wanted to support its rapid growth with a self-service support experience that would provide users with an intuitive, searchable interface and leadership with insight into user trends.

The organization naturally chose Zendesk as the platform that would scale alongside its rapid, global growth. However, they knew creating a best-in-class self-service experience that worked seamlessly with live support would require expertise and dedication. That’s when Envoy was brought in.

The Approach

The Zendesk platform is extremely customizable and while this is one of its biggest benefits, it can also be daunting for customers. With years of experience and countless deployments, Envoy was able to partner closely with the client to determine which aspects of Zendesk were critical to scaling their support organization. The team dedicated time to understanding the client’s exact needs and specifically how these translated into Zendesk requirements, helping to ensure time and resources were optimized for the problem at hand.

With scale and self-service as guiding principles, Envoy built a solution that optimized support experience and channel based on a customers’ specific needs. While self-service works for a majority of situations, the client wanted to ensure customers had access to agents when needed. To address this, Envoy designed and configured an escalation process that first guided users to relevant articles in the help center, then if required, seamlessly routed them to the right support agent.

Furthermore, the Envoy team wanted to leave behind a solution that allowed for continuous improvement. In doing so, they created custom dashboards that enabled support leaders to continuously monitor, analyze and subsequently address trends in inquiries and issues via additional help center articles and optimization.

Value Delivered

With rapid growth and a unique business model, maintaining and improving a great customer experience while also growing a team of support specialists, felt overwhelming. With Envoy’s help, the client was able to focus on scaling their support organization while maintaining confidence that customers’ needs were being met with an optimal self-service experience. Since implementation, Zendesk and Envoy together have enabled the client to offer its customers a warm, personalized self-service experience while agents are able to focus on high-value inquiries.