Planet DDS Ensures Exceptional Customer Experience Through Transition

December 13, 2018

The Challenge

Planet DDS, a digital dental practice management company and Envoy share a common belief; software should enable teams, not hinder them. When Planet DDS learned its customer service platform of 13 years was retiring, they knew they’d have to find a modern solution that would further empower the support team. Thus, the team found Zendesk and was promptly referred to Envoy to lead a smooth transition from their legacy platform.

The Approach

Understandably, the Planet DDS team was hesitant to make the change given the large-scale data migration required and the introduction of a new system. However, they quickly shifted their mindset after speaking with their Envoy partners. The Envoy team immediately partnered closely with Planet DDS and spent the time required to understand what made the support team tick and the processes that had successfully enabled them for the past 13 years. Envoy partnered closely with the Planet DDS team to translate this information into Zendesk configuration and craft a Zendesk solution unique to Planet DDS’ needs. Once the solution was built and thoroughly tested, Envoy carefully led the data migration from the legacy application to Zendesk. With the new tool in place and all historical data successfully migrated, Envoy, not only trained the Planet DDS team but also provided ongoing support and customized Zendesk reports for the Planet DDS management team.

Value Delivered

Migrating from a legacy solution ingrained into business processes can be a daunting and disruptive task. With Envoy’s help, Planet DDS turned the migration into a positive experience that created additional leverage for the support team without skipping a beat. Since implementation, Zendesk has enabled Planet DDS to rapidly respond to customer inquiries and has helped thousands of dental professionals deliver similar optimized experiences for their customers.