Limelife Expands Globally by Scaling the Customer Service Experience

December 3, 2019

The Challenge

Limelife by Alcone started as a family-owned business providing professional makeup to the stage and film industry. It expanded its reach to become a natural skincare and beauty accessories company for everyone. When the company was still small, with a customer service team of two handling 9000+ emails via Gmail, they knew as they continued to grow that their current system just wouldn’t cut it for their business long term. A new customer service software solution was needed, and they found that in Zendesk. However, with such a small customer support team, they didn’t have the time or resources to customize, understand and implement the powerful tools Zendesk has to offer.


Envoy was brought on board to help Limelife customize and scale their Zendesk system. While working with Envoy, Limelife experienced rapid global growth and suddenly needed to scale to multiple countries and in different languages. Envoy’s experts enabled Limelife to create multiple custom brands within Zendesk with dynamic content. This allowed agents in each additional country to experience the software in their native language. Having expanded from one country to six, seemingly overnight, Envoy’s customization of their Zendesk software was flexible in that it evolved to support Limelife’s growth.

Value Delivered

As Limelife continues to expand, they are able to utilize the reporting, analysis, and data built into their Zendesk solution to both empower data-led decision making and predict future trends. Today, with a custom solution to grow its business and a team of trusted experts at Envoy, Limelife is confident in its ability to utilize Zendesk, which is supporting four languages and is set up to scale to eight countries in 2019. They are able to handle 15,000 tickets a month, with 86% of tickets solved in just one touch. The average first reply time was cut by 50% and their CSAT is now at 93.4%.