California Pizza Kitchen Restores Customer Confidence

December 13, 2018

The Challenge

In a world where restaurant quality food can be delivered to a customer’s door in minutes and restaurant options are seemingly endless, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) relied on customer service as a key driver of customer loyalty. However, as CPK grew beyond 250 locations across 30 states, the chains’ volume of customer inquiries became unmanageable. CPK’s support agents soon found themselves buried in customer inquiries and unable to respond for long periods of time, sometimes up to a week. At the same time, the increasing number of restaurants made it nearly impossible for management to identify restaurant level trends and issues and properly support each location.

Rowell Policarpio, Manager of Guest Relations, recognized this problem immediately. He turned to Zendesk, a powerful and flexible customer service platform that could adapt to CPK’s unique business processes and scale alongside the company. Rowell wanted to act fast, but also make sure the Zendesk implementation was set up for long-term success. That’s when Rowell’s Zendesk contact referred him to Envoy.

The Approach

The Envoy team dedicated two days to understanding not only CPK’s current pain points but also the company’s customer experience vision. Armed with this information and deep knowledge of CPK’s support processes, Envoy crafted a Zendesk optimization strategy that would enable the team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Once agreed upon, Envoy set out to implement Zendesk. Working in close collaboration with CPK support leaders and agents, Envoy was able to design, build, test and deploy the new Zendesk implementation within a matter of weeks.

Value Delivered

Once Envoy deployed the custom Zendesk solution, the CPK support team saw immediate results. With a system tailored to CPKs processes, inquiries that were once difficult to manage and continuously piled up became visible, trackable and actionable. Better organization and automation enabled the CPK support team to focus on customers instead of administrative tasks. The new system also gave the CPK management team the visibility required to get an accurate picture into the challenges and opportunities of each restaurant along with a channel for immediate feedback.