Nvoicepay Improves Customer Experience Faster

December 13, 2018

The Challenge

As large, complex organizations continue to leverage technology to automate and expedite internal processes, Nvoicepay, a payments processing company for enterprises, has seen significant customer growth in recent years. As customers joined the Nvoicepay platform to automate supplier payments, the Nvoicepay team required a better way to scale customer support. Specifically, the increase in customer call volume became overwhelming for the support team while increasingly complex inquiries required a more efficient way to communicate and share work across disparate internal teams.

Similar to how Nvoicepay assists their customers in optimizing internal processes, Nvoicepay decided to turn to Zendesk to better manage customer inquiries and improve collaboration and ticket allocation across internal teams. Nvoicepay was eager to get up and running quickly, yet wanted to ensure a thorough and smooth implementation focused on customer experience. Enter Envoy.

The Approach

The Envoy team hit the ground running and immediately dove deep into understanding Nvoicepay’s unique needs and ultimate customer experience vision. Armed with Zendesk best practices, Envoy documented requirements and created and tested unique Zendesk workflows and customizations. With the implementation ready to go-live, Envoy crafted custom training sessions to ensure quick learning and high adoption rates for the Nvoicepay team.

Envoy’s close partnership with Zendesk also paid off. Throughout the implementation process, Envoy was able to connect quickly with Zendesk leaders to get questions answered and get the latest on best practices for customizations and add-ons.

Working in close collaboration with operations, IT and engineering, Envoy was able to deploy and train teams on Nvoicepay’s customized Zendesk implementation within a matter of weeks.

Value Delivered

With Envoy as an implementation partner, the Nvoicepay team was able to effectively bridge the gap between technology and support processes to deliver better customer service at scale. In addition to a faster go-live, Envoy also enabled immediate cost savings. The robust and customized ticketing system Envoy implemented allowed agents to do more with less and distribute work across teams without sacrificing customer experience. Because of the collaboration Zendesk and Envoy enabled, Nvoicepay was able to better manage and allocate customer inquiries via automated processes, rather than increased headcount.