Getting Started with Automation in Zendesk

The most successful CX is instant, proactive, and hyper personalized. And with Ultimate, Envoy and Zendesk, you have three firm pillars in place to support your personalized CX powerhouse. Here’s how to start building it in 3 easy steps.

79% of contact center leaders plan to invest in AI capabilities by 2023 and 71% of respondents in a recent Forrester report agreed that buyers expect an experience that is personalized to their needs and preferences.

And the automation industry has taken notice. As CS automation technology has become more sophisticated, so have the myriad possibilities for personalization. And that can be daunting.

But with the right tools and guidance, you can easily cut through the clutter and maximize hyper-personalization, efficiency, and data security using Zendesk, one of the most innovative and versatile CRMs on the market.

To get started, you need:
  1. A no-code, NLP-powered automation provider
  2. A CRM integration with Zendesk
  3. A consulting and implementation partner to help you custom-build and scale your user-centric CX.

And with Ultimate and Envoy’s partnership, you’ll have these three firm pillars in place to support your CX personalization powerhouse.

Ultimate’s no-code, NLP-powered virtual agents integrate with Zendesk Chat and Support in only a few clicks, creating countless incredible opportunities to personalize conversations via tagging, pre-chat forms, and device detection via Zendesk’s visitor information function.

The cool thing is an integration isn’t just easy to set up, it also makes life for your human agents so much easier. That’s why, within the CS team at Ultimate, we like to talk about it  as “CRM optimization”: It’s a two-way street, allowing your virtual agent to pull information from CRM and put it back, significantly improving AHT. Even cooler – none of this requires any additional web development work.

All you need to get started with Zendesk in Ultimate is to:
  1. Securely import and analyze your historic support data using our CS Automation Explorer, which will identify your customers’ most frequent requests
  2. Build your dialogues and enhance your chat UX with rich media, like buttons or cards and carousels
  3. Connect to Zendesk to trigger global bot actions and personalize your conversational flows using the dialogue creator dashboard

We’ve guided many of our customers along these 3 steps to get started with Zendesk.  For example, our fintech customer Transfergo uses Zendesk as their CRM and is able to personalize chat interactions by

  • changing the language (by pulling what country the user is in)
  • optimizing the dialogue flow (by determining what device they’re on and creating different conversations for mobile vs. desktop users)

They also have the option to create a pre-chat form to collect a user’s email address and name so in case of escalation, the customer doesn’t need to confirm how to contact them. Afterwards, all personal information can be sanitized for security, allowing for personalization without sacrificing privacy.

Another one of our customers, ecommerce jeweler Purelei, uses Zendesk to address customers in their language of choice by routing them to the correct English, French, Italian, or German-speaking bot based on the URL they’re visiting from.

There are so many more ways to maximize personalization with minimal effort, and Envoy can help you explore and implement them by drawing from best practices from within the Zendesk ecosystem.

What we love about Ultimate is the ease of use and the level of customization — we have so much freedom to design exactly what our customers want. – Laura Ragsdale, Envoy Founder.

When you combine that knowledge with Ultimate’s agile, AI-powered automation technology, your CX is ready to take the age of customer-centricity by storm.

About the Author

Victoria Lojek is a Solution Architect at with an impressive track record of successful world-class automation solutions. She strives to better the customer experience with determination and creativity.

About Envoy & Ultimate

Envoy is a CX consultancy and premier Zendesk consulting and implementation partner with a focus on the retail, Fintech, and gaming industries. Both Envoy and share a deep commitment to the customer-first approach, uniting state-of-the-art CRM expertise with best-of-breed, NLU-powered, multilingual AI.

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