Don’t let your help center sit idly by while your support team scrambles with ticket volumes. A top-notch help center experience encourages customers to seek out their own resolutions, freeing your team up to focus on high impact problems.

Custom Design

A beautifully branded help center builds customer confidence. With experience in crafting over 50 branded help centers, our team of web designers can help get you there.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your help center challenges and vision and design custom, branded pages that increase engagement and trust.

Custom Content Development

An effective help center should be intuitive and surface the right answers at the right time. This requires not only beautiful design but also a consistent structure and high-quality content.

Our team develops help center strategies for support teams to keep resolutions organized, structured and easily searchable. We are also available to develop and advise on help center content to ensure a truly self-service experience.

Customer Success Story

Savonix Launches Custom Help Center

As individuals live longer, maintaining cognitive health becomes a critical part of ongoing wellness. However, Mylea Charvat, Ph.D. realized that measuring cognitive health is not a part of a routine healthcare checkup and can be cost prohibitive for many patients. Mylea created Savonix as an accessible and convenient alternative to previously costly and time-consuming cognitive assessments.

Savonix is a business to business to consumer (B2B2C) model meaning they sell to healthcare-focused companies, but the real end users are patients and others interested in maintaining and improving their brain health. This means they’re one step removed from end users and reaching them directly to provide support can be challenging. At the time, Savonix lacked a support solution yet needed a way to ensure its rapidly growing user base felt confident in the tool and understood the technology and approach.

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