Whether it’s a new implementation or updates to an existing system, our Success offering ensures support teams get the most out of their Zendesk investment.

Need to get up and running with Zendesk quickly?

Our Quick Start projects help you get started quickly with Zendesk success. With a strategic implementation partner at your side, our consultants will recommend improvements based on a thorough review of your specific business needs and our extensive experience and knowledge of Zendesk best practices. Our consultants will work with you to develop a custom Zendesk configuration which includes personalized training as well as post-go-live support to ensure successful adoption.

Streamline support

Improve resolution times

Increase agent productivity

Provide deeper insights into ticket drivers & sales opportunities

Need a customer support health check? Optimize Zendesk with us.

Our Optimization projects help you get even more out of your Zendesk investment. Our experienced and certified consultants will audit the current health of your customer support process and identify areas where you can optimize utilizing industry best practices. Speed up your ticket resolution time, ensure you have the right amount of agents, and improve upon your customer experience with an Envoy engagement partner. Our custom configuration includes a consultative approach that allows for a thorough understanding of your specific challenges and goals with Zendesk, new interface updates, and hands-on personalized training to keep agents up to date and skilled with changes.

Improve agent performance

Access automation

Adopt a new re-configuration quickly

Ensure a seamless customer experience

Customer Success Story

California Pizza Kitchen Restores Customer Confidence

In a world where restaurant quality food can be delivered to a customer’s door in minutes and restaurant options are seemingly endless, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) relied on customer service as a key driver of customer loyalty. However, as CPK grew beyond 250 locations across 30 states, the chains’ volume of customer inquiries became unmanageable. CPK’s support agents soon found themselves buried in customer inquiries and unable to respond for long periods of time, sometimes up to a week. At the same time, the increasing number of restaurants made it nearly impossible for management to identify restaurant level trends and issues and properly support each location.

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