3 Enterprise Benefits When Envoy Is Your SI Partner for CX Technology

Why is Envoy different? It’s a question I think about a lot.

Let’s be honest, when you’re evaluating a Systems Integrator (SI) partner, do you REALLY expect there to be much difference among your options? At the end of the day, don’t all SI partners claim they have the best team and offer thought partnership far more strategic than the rest?

Envoy is different because of the expertise we hone daily working alongside industry titans to transform CX from an enterprise cost center into a major, global advantage. And we do it like nobody else.

Our CX strategy, roadmap, and implementation services are so good, we have a 5-star rating and 97% CSAT across 2,500 projects. (No one else can say that!)

This blog shares the top three benefits that our mid-market and enterprise customers report.

Benefit #1: Organizations working with Envoy scale CX more with far less

There was a lot on the shoulders of customer service, support, and experience teams back when I was Zendesk’s first sales professional. And the bar has gotten much higher since – even as budgets have been cut, the workforce has distributed, and buyer expectations have soared.

It’s no secret that demands on CX are way up even though resources are way, way down. In 2022 alone, customer support tickets nearly doubled versus the previous year, growing 30%1. And internal requests of customer service teams ballooned 70%2.

So how can enterprises reimagine dwindling resources and surging demands?

When Envoy is your SI partner, you don’t need to know the answer. Together, we explore bigger questions:

  • What metrics matter the most in this new era of customer experience?
  • Where can technology increase performance while cutting costs?
  • What new CX technologies are needed?
  • Where can we reduce the number of tools?
  • What is the criteria for those technology changes, in context of the holistic system?
  • How many agents do you truly need?

Our Scoping Evaluation & Estimation (SEE) discovery process goes deeper than any other vendor’s out there, because we know the opportunity cost of making the wrong technology decisions is so huge. Throughout, we use our expertise to pair your vision with best-in-class technology on a scalable roadmap and growth plan.

Benefit #2: Envoy’s enterprise customers choreograph the customer journey with ease

Today, CX means solving customer problems effortlessly, with immediacy and human warmth that creates an amazing, emotional experience.

Such experiences halt cart abandonment and customer churn.

But 94% of CX leaders are in the dark about where to lighten up and double down on CX investments3. They don’t know what channels or projects are good, bad, or somewhere better.

Because Envoy architects CX programs all day every day, our Competitive Advantage Experience (CAX) methodology gives your programs unmatched expertise – as does our process for selecting technology from *literally* the industry’s broadest partnerships network.

Our 97% CSAT across over 2,500 projects underscores the value of our 3-step methodology:

  1. First, we build your playbook.
  2. Next, we implement your playbook.
  3. Last, we help you manage your differentiated system.

We often hear that we know products better than CX vendors and technology support teams themselves. We also hear that we have ideas our clients haven’t ever thought of.

And Envoy’s enterprise customer results speak for themselves.

Benefit #3: Global organizations who partner with Envoy confidently chart an AI-enabled path for positive change

Envoy was at the forefront of natural languages and chatbots, and we offer every framework, skill, and system your team needs to craft a strategic roadmap that incorporates AI’s full potential — with expertise honed over years.

  1. First, our Artificial Intelligence Maturity (AIM) strategy & roadmap framework maps all of your technologies into one intelligent system, where a proprietary model seamlessly manages individual conversations.
  2. The next step is to make systems self-sustaining. As intelligent CX systems uncover new revenue and automatically reconfigure workflows, you’ll accumulate powerful stories of business transformation.
  3. We also train your team with the same Customer Experience Innovation (CXI) Certification that our employees receive annually, customized to your tech stack and product lines.

There’s a reason that the world’s leading companies trust Envoy to transform CX into a major competitive advantage. And our 5-star customer review average across 2,500 projects shows that our team of 50 experts does things right the first time, every time.

On a personal closing note: As I alluded to already, I was fortunate to learn the mechanics of hyper-scale as an early Salesforce employee and Zendesk’s first sales professional. I started Envoy to pioneer a new kind of business that truly supports working women. To this day, we’re female-owned and operated, and our customers take pride in supporting diversity equity and inclusion through their partnerships.

Join us in unleashing technology to win markets and accelerate CX careers by contacting us.