3 Gen AI Products We Love for CX

Besides “Why Is Envoy the Best Systems Integrator?”, the question I’m asked most often these days is what generative AI products I most recommend to Customer Experience and Customer Service & Support teams. In this month’s blog, I thought I’d answer that question in a place with a URL, so I can easily share the […]


3 Steps to Transform CX into An Enterprise Differentiator

Envoy helps global industry titans transform CX from an enterprise cost center into a major, global advantage – in a way no one else can.  This blog shares how Envoy does it.   Step #1: Reimagine dwindling resources and surging demands The load on CX’s shoulders is way heavier even though resources are way, way […]


3 Trends That Make CX an Enterprise Cost Center

I chatted with a Customer Experience executive recently about an important crossroads facing her company and her career. I’ll call her Shruti for the purposes of this piece. Shruti and her boss recognize their customer experience isn’t the market differentiator it can be. Said more directly, they desperately need CX to stop operating as a […]

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2024 Holidays: Retail’s Conversational Commerce Opportunity

As retail gears up for the 2024 holiday season, many customer support and customer experience executives are evaluating what went right back in 2023, and what their teams could have done better. What bogged their teams down? Where did consumers complain most? Where did they miss opportunities to drive average order value of first Black […]


How One Envoy Customer Improved an Above Average CSAT Score Another 8-10%

“Our CSAT scores were above industry average two years ago, and they’ve gone up 8 to 10% since working with Envoy.” — Head of Digital Experiences    Today, I’m excited to share the customer story of an RV company Envoy has partnered with for multiple years. A leading innovator in the RV industry, this company […]


What’s on CX Executives’ Minds Today?

A few months ago, I had a heart-to-heart with a friend who’s also in CX. Our topic du jour was how ironic it is that so many Customer Experience and Customer Support professionals are talking about how generative AI is this huge tipping point for their part of the business… and how few actually use […]


11 Shocking CX Stats on the State of the Customer Experience

I wasn’t expecting to be so surprised this summer, when my team and I did some research into all that’s changing for customer experience and customer support leaders, especially in mid-market and enterprise businesses in eCommerce, Retail and SaaS. Envoy works with (literally) hundreds of Customer Experience (CX), Customer Support (CS), and Customer Service executives […]


3 Enterprise Benefits When Envoy Is Your SI Partner for CX Technology

Why is Envoy different? It’s a question I think about a lot. Let’s be honest, when you’re evaluating a Systems Integrator (SI) partner, do you REALLY expect there to be much difference among your options? At the end of the day, don’t all SI partners claim they have the best team and offer thought partnership […]


Improve Customer Service Rep Efficiency

When it comes to customer service, time is of the essence. Lags in response time cause unhappy customers; unhappy customers cause churn; churn can lower revenue for your organization.  Efficient customer service reps get work done faster — but the benefits go far beyond that. So it only makes sense to invest in strategies that support […]