How Envoy Uses Sunshine, Zendesk’s Flexible CRM Platform

Creating the best experiences for customers is a struggle that’s on the top of the agenda for many customer-oriented organizations. 87% of customers believe that businesses need to have flawless customer experience. Customers are informed and empowered while businesses aren’t always able to keep up with their expectations. And with customer data spread out across disparate systems, important information about who customers are and what they want isn’t often accessible all in one place.

At Envoy, we need to build apps at a rate that is as fast as our customers. That’s why we turned to Zendesk Sunshine, which combines the flexibility of AWS public cloud infrastructure with the agility of an open-standards based development framework. Our developers found that they could build apps three times faster than before, and utilize data in ways that best suit an organization. Sunshine allowed us to access and aggregate all of our important data.

In a recent blog post for Zendesk, Envoy’s director of marketing, Kasia Wood, shares the details of saving time and creating greater efficiencies in serving our customers using Sunshine.